Great Books to Guide You on Your Financial Journey

There are plenty of books on finance which teach you everything from the basics to abstruse and obscure financial concepts. I have listed down four books that I have read and that influenced me personally.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a seminal book when it comes to financial education and it is a must-read. The book explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to be rich and explains the difference between working for money and having your money work for you.

It advocates the importance of financial literacy (financial education), financial independence and building wealth through investing in assets, real estate investing, starting and owning businesses, as well as increasing one's financial intelligence (financial IQ) to improve one's business and financial aptitude. Rich Dad Poor Dad is written in the style of a set of parables, ostensibly based on Kiyosaki's life. (taken from Ahmad Sharabiani's Review)

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The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money: Thirteen Ways to Right Your Financial Wrongs

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As the title suggests, this book explains 13 wrong decisions which otherwise-smart people make in financial matters. The kinds of mistakes and how to avoid them are explained using real-life examples along with a set of questions for each of these situations to help you. So, what are these pitfalls?

  1. Complicated financial products

  2. Financial advice from wrong people

  3. Stressing too much on the importance of money

  4. Too much college debt

  5. Buying a house

  6. Taking too much risk

  7. Identity theft

  8. Overindulgence in early retirement

  9. Financial issues vis a vis bringing up kids

  10. Plan for the care of ageing parents

  11. Wrong insurance or no insurance

  12. No will

  13. “timing” the market

Overall, this book gives a fairly comprehensive overview of what one must do or at least think of in terms of money matters. Regardless of your age or your choices of investment or the levels of your income, this book is a must-read!

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing

A challenging walk around Wall Street, in different time periods that affected the American economy and consequently the World, in order to provide us with the necessary elements to understand the main investment rules applied on the stock exchange. Burton G. Malkiel describes with clear examples of the differences between audacious investment strategies, designed to quickly profit, and more prudent strategies that aim to increase profits in longer times.

Recommended for those who want an introduction to the stock market world.

(Taken from Luca Ambrosino's Review)

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The Dhandho Investor: The Low-Risk Value Method to High Returns

This is a brilliant book on value investing aka the magic formula. It personally inspired me to start investing based on these principles.

In a straightforward and accessible manner, The Dhandho Investor lays out the powerful framework of value investing. Written with the intelligent individual investor in mind, this comprehensive guide distils the Dhandho capital allocation framework of the business savvy Patels from India and presents how they can be applied successfully to the stock market. The Dhandho method expands on the groundbreaking principles of value investing expounded by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and Charlie Munger. Readers will be introduced to important value investing concepts such as "Heads, I win! Tails, I don't lose that much!," "Few Bets, Big Bets, Infrequent Bets," Abhimanyu's dilemma, and a detailed treatise on using the Kelly Formula to invest in undervalued stocks. Using a light, entertaining style, Pabrai lays out the Dhandho framework in an easy-to-use format. Any investor who adopts the framework is bound to improve on results and soundly beat the markets and most professionals.

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