Review of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel Pink

tl;dr – When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel Pink is a great book at explaining how to hack time for better lives.

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 [su_quote]I used to believe that timing was everything. Now I believe that everything is timing.[/su_quote]

[su_heading size=18]What is the book about?[/su_heading]

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing is written by Daniel Pink, famed author of books like Drive, A Whole New Mind, To Sell is Human etc. 

Daniel Pink talks about the importance of timing in this book. According to him, Timing is an emerging science and he explores this science further in ‘When’. Some of the themes he covers in this book include when to change careers, deliver bad news, schedule a class, end a marriage, go for a run, or get serious about a project or a person.


[su_heading size=18]What does this book cover?[/su_heading]

When is a relatively short book with 7 chapters spread across three sections. 

The first section covers diurnal patterns i.e. how to arrange our daily life, when to drink coffee, the benefits of micro naps etc. The second section covers long terms patterns – how do we start habits, how we are influenced by beginnings and endings, how to deal with mid-life crises etc. The last section covers how to get into harmony with timings.

Each chapter is also followed by a time hacking section which has practical advice on timing.

[su_heading size=18]What did I like?[/su_heading]

When has everything we expect from Dan Pink.

It is well structured which makes the subject matter easy to understand. There are plenty of anecdotes and examples to make these concepts clear (not that they are complex but it helps). The Time Hacker’s Handbook is a series of sections which gives practical advice based on what you just read about in the preceding chapter. All this makes it relatively easy for the reader to start following some of the advice in the book.  

In addition, I like the fact that Dan Pink has covered timing at a tactical level ( our daily lives) to a more strategic level (how to live our lives).

[su_heading size=18]What did I not like?[/su_heading]

Be aware that this is not a book for conversations or really detailed advice about how to create impact – rather it is more about identifying patterns and hacking them.

[su_heading size=18]My Recommendation[/su_heading]

I recommend this book as a general read. 

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